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Friendly Crush 😔💗

My sketchbook is my open diary
It’s for everyone to read I know it’s not the best drawings but I’m just not motivated today since it’s late on a school day

School was fun at first but then I just got jealous but I’m not gunna let that bring me down
Let’s just be friends that talk and compliment each other
I would love compliments too it would make me happy and confident I always bring myself down cause in the past I was always brought down but ever since highschool started
I was being called cute at first I liked it but that word made me feel like a little kid on a tricycle
Just call me beautiful everyday
I wouldn’t fall inlove id just be happy that you were in my life

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Why aren’t more people talking about this? Yes, I get that you ridiculously obsessed Beyonce fans are crying over her “flawless” performance, but the same damn person you all could not shut the hell up over last year is doing such a selfless thing and you can’t even have the smallest amount of respect about it? She turned something about herself into something that could save someone else and most of you could care less cause she apparently she isn’t worth talking about unless she’s on stage shaking her ass. Some of you piss me the fuck off off.

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